September 2011

"in pursuit of evil" added to the orchestral repertoire                         

 June 2011                                                                                                                                                                     "worldly abandon" added to the instrumental repetoire

December 2010
"wasn't it you" awarded a "semi finalist" placement in the 2010 SONG OF THE YEAR songwriting competition

September 2010
an orchestral piece, "the stirring" added to the site 

December 2009
"mother earth" awarded a "runner-up" placement in the 2009 SONG OF THE YEAR songwriting competition

September 2009
"the long journey home" added to the instrumental repertoire

March 2009
"the yearning" added to the site 

November 2008
"ride like the wind" added to the orchestral repertoire 

October 2008
orchestral composition, "with dawn comes hope", has been added to the site 

September  2008
website launched

April 2008
submitted 3 original one  minute scores for FYI - "Film Your Issue" at ASCAP EXPO 2008. All 3 scores were selected by a panel of notables in the industry for review at the EXPO