Emanuel (Manne) Charhon was born in Zimbabwe, Africa to parents of Mediterranean heritage.   A toddler’s fascination with gramophone records ignited a passion for music and led to a classical violin education from an early age. His musical journey continued through high school and university as lead guitarist and singer for the “Wanderers”, playing covers of the ’60 English rock invasion groups. He lived in London, Paris and Brussels in the ‘70s and then moved to Dallas, Texas in 1981 where he presently resides with his wife Sarah, and sons, Brett, Troy and Devin.

major musical influences

parents’ heritage:

  • the melodic songs of legendary tenors Enrico Caruso, Beniamino Gigli and Mario Lanza
  • the heartfelt melodies, power and tragedy of Puccini and Verdi’s operatic arias
  • the lyrical and energetic bouzouki compositions of Stavros Xarhakos and Manos Hadjidakis
  • the sad, soulful and heart wrenching music of the Portuguese fado sung by Amalia Rodrigues
  • the sensitive, poetical and passionate milongas of the Argentinean barrios sung by Carlos Gardel

Zimbabwe, country of birth:

  • the joyful, syncopated beats and harmonies of African tribal music evident in the style of contemporary singer Oliver Mtukudzi

classical violin education:

  • the technical virtuosity, timbre of sound, sensitive and feeling performances of David Oistrakh

 ‘60s music: 

  • the groundbreaking sounds and song structure of the English rock invasion groups

‘70s music:

  • the simple, romantic melodies and style of European artists that include Francois Hardy and Toto Cutugno